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Visioffice is now here!

Come get your eyes measured in more ways than we ever thought was necessary! You will see better and feel better in your new glasses than you ever have before! The Visioffice is now a permanent part of our office equipment and will shortly become the only way eyeglasses will be fit! Check out the link for more information!


Best year ever!

Once again our practice has recorded a significant uptick in business over last year. We continue to have consistent positive growth even as we are in the middle of our 32nd year! Thanks to a terrific, knowledgeable staff who keep the schedule full and patients’ needs foremost in their actions!

I know I speak for my entire staff when I say that we love our work, and the patients whom we are able to serve every day! We are in a unique position to provide our patients the opportunity to literally see the world in a new, more comfortable way; to be safer, and to enjoy the world around them!

We are ever grateful to all who help to make this growth possible each year! HAVE A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!

Why Are Babies Born With Blue Eyes?

You inherit your eye color from your parents, but no matter what the color is now, it may have been blue when you were born. Melanin, the brown pigment molecule that colors your skin, hair, and eyes, hadn’t been fully deposited in the irises of your eyes or darkened by exposure to ultraviolet light. The iris is the colored part of the eye that controls the amount of light that is allowed to enter. Some other animals are born with blue eyes, too, such as kittens.

Visioffice: The fitting system of the future is in our office (soon)!

Check out this link to see how this new, sophisticated measuring system will help you see better, be more comfortable wearing glasses, and provide a wider intermediate and near field in progressive lenses.  100% of the first series of patients measured have been happier than ever with their new glasses!

The Visioffice measuring system will be a permanent part of our office protocol in December.

Glasses of the future?

October: Best Month Ever

I need to take this time to thank all of you who have supported me and my practice over the past 30 years! Even though the economy is rough, for many, we are doing fine, thanks to your support! October was our best month ever! Thanks to patients, staff and a wonderful office manager! We love our work! We love to serve you and to provide you with quality eyewear.

Meet Our Staff: Lina

Lina has worked in the medical field for the past 23 years, She has been with Dr. Hartman the last three years as an optometric technician. Her compassion for our patients’ welfare is obvious when they sit with her for initial history and auxiliary testing. She constantly puts others’ needs (both patients and fellow staff members) ahead of her own.

Lina and her husband raised three children and are now enjoying camping, gardening, and spending time with their three grand-children.